How to select leak detector

how-to-select-leak-detectorThe most universal type of leak detector is the Ultrasonic Leak Detector because it is gas independent, and can work in vacuum, pressure, in internal leaks as well as static leaks with the aid of an ultrasonic sound generator.

Use the chart below to help you select the type of detector you need for your application.

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Frequently asked questions about ultrasonic leak detectors

faq-ultrasonic-leak-detectorsWhat is an Ultrasonic Leak Detector (wiki)?

An Ultrasonic Leak Detector is a leak detector based on ultrasound. The Detector detects the high frequency sound a gas makes when it is leaking.

What types of gasses does it detect?

All types of gasses.

Can i use Ultrasonic leak detector in HVAC?

Absolutely yes. Is the best solution for HVAC area.

Can it detect all refrigerants? Old and New?

Yes, both old and new. Διαβάστε περισσότερα “Frequently asked questions about ultrasonic leak detectors”