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    Privacy Policy


    The niktek.gr e-shop is fully aware of the significance entailed in the security of your Privacy and of your electronic transactions. For this purpose, it has taken all necessary steps by means of cutting-edge technology to ensure that your security is safeguarded to the fullest. All information pertinent to your personal details and transactions are secure and confidential.

    Our niktek.gr e-shop succeeds in this task by means of the following methods:


    There are two codes we use in identifying you when you log in: Your Entry Code (e-mail or username); and your Confidential Access Code (password). Every time you log in to our website or online store, these two pieces of data keep your personal details safe and secure.

    You can change your Password as often as you like. You and only you have access to your personal details by means of these two codes and you are therefore responsible for keeping them confidential as well as inaccessible to third parties.

    In the event that your password is lost or third parties become privy to it you must notify us immediately as our niktek.gr e-shop cannot be held responsible for the use of your password by an unauthorized party.

    For reasons of security, we recommend you to change your password at regular intervals and avoid using as passwords easily traceable phrases or sequences (e.g., your date of birth).


    Access to the niktek.gr e-shop servers is protected by a firewall, something which, on the one hand, does allow access to our online store by our customers/users while, on the other, bars outside access to the servers and databases where our company’s confidential data and information are stored.


    Confidentiality of your transactions is a given. The same key principles governing ordinary commercial transactions are in strength for e-commerce as well. All personal information communicated by the niktek.gr e-shop members/users remains confidential as our electronic store has taken all measures to ensure that such information is used only within the framework of the services our online store provides. Some of these measures are:

    Only authorized company personnel has access to the details of customer transactions and only when such access is deemed necessary, for example, when processing customer applications.

    niktek.gr e-shop does not share or reveal customer personal details and transactions unless it is expressly authorized in writing by you or by court order or by a decision issued by some other public authority.

    Under no circumstances will the niktek.gr e-shop reveal, share, or publicize your personal details and information that you entrust it with. Personal details and information that you place at our disposal during your member registration are used exclusively for the purposes of your transactions. All of the personal and confidential information that you share with us is encrypted and stored safely and securely.


    There will be cases when (e.g., when you visit and browse through the various pages of our niktek.gr e-shop website for your purchasing needs; or when we wish to ensure that we have access to you so that our new product updates may reach you) we may ask you to submit some of your personal details (name, profession, e-mail address, date of birth, etc).

    Any and all personal data that you submit throughout our niktek.gr e-shop website are exclusively reserved for use by the service corresponding to the page(s) where you have submitted your data. Such data, according to the stipulations of Greek Law 2472/97 (where applicable) governing protection and processing of personal data, are treated as fully confidential.