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    NikTek Solutions Company Profile

    NikTek is a solutions centered organization.

    We provide solutions in the maintenance of industrial or mobile (air sea land) machinery, detection of faults, leak detection, energy conservation, consulting and maintenance and replacement part procurement.

    In addition to the products readily available in our e-Shop we can source items in the USA, Japan, China and Europe and offer them to our customers as a one-stop-shop.

    Specialization areas of Niktek Company:

    • Leak Detectors
    • Leak Detection Services
    • Carbon Footprint Reduction
    • Condition Monitors
    • Condition Based Greasers
    • Specialty Lubricants
    • Oil and Fluids (wear particle) Analysis
    • Maintenance and Toolroom Organization Consulting
    • Soldering Supplies (Electronics (all methods), Stained Glass, Hobby)
    • Brazing Supplies
    • Welding Supplies (Stick, TIG, MIG, Plasma)
    • Adhesives and Thread Lockers
    • Cutting, Grinding, Polishing Equipment and Supplies
    • Training & Educational Seminars

    NikTek is headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece with an affiliate in Denver CO, USA.